Patient from Los Angeles (USA) a classified google scholar
Got Fixed Teeth in 3 Days done without cut using advanced Swiss Basal Implants.

Patient from Zimbabwe done Basal Implants
got Fixed Teeth in 3 Days

Dental Implants Done by
Dr. Rohan Virani

Dental Implants Done by
Dr. Priyal Virani

Mr. Somchand Gosar "I always had multiple tooth problems and I had difficulty in eating food but dr. virani and his team have not only given me a set of wonderful teeth but also a nice and bright smile"
Mr. Somchand Gosar Builder - Matunga
Vrinda Sathey "I could not chew with my old dentures as they were very loose. I got BPS (BYO-FUNCTIONAL PROSTHETIC ) advanced dentures by dr rohan viraniand I can eat comfortably now. Even my smile has improved"
Vrinda Sathey House Wife
Micky Gala "Very professional and caring staff thankyou trisa dental solutions for everything"
Micky Gala
Hema Maru "My previous crowns and bridges kept becoming loose every few months. After getting the entire work redone at Trisa dental solutions I am finally very satisfied and can smile confidently without worring about my teeth. Dr Virani and his team carefully studied my entire case and customized the treatment to suit my needs. The detailed planning and good work is really worth it"
Hema Maru
Binny Jain "Really happy with my cosmetic smile makeover done at trisa dental solutions"
Binny Jain
Manohar Patel "I was very apprehensive to undergo dental treatment but the doctors are very professional. I got solutions and i am very satisfied with treatment received in a short span of time"
Manohar Patel
Rahul Bhandari "I am very happy that Dr Priyal virani could replace my missing tooth without grinding my teeth with the help of dental implants"
Rahul Bhandari
Sandhya Kamat "Did 3 root canals in 1 sitting was totally painless..great job!!"
Sandhya Kamat
Sadia Khan "Earlier i was loosing lot of assignments due to my crooked smile. Dr. Rohan Virani has made my smile look amazing and i am getting lot of compliments and assignments after it."
Sadia Khan Miss Tiara - Model