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Oral Surgeon at Trisa Dental Solution in Mulund, Mumbai

With advances in Dental Technology and increase in awareness very few teeth need to be extracted these days. Most of the times these teeth have to be removed because they are mobile, badly carious or impacted (e.g unerupted wisdom teeth).

Tooth Extraction Done at Trisa Dental Solutions :-

  • From a simple mobile Tooth Extraction to most complicated Wisdom Tooth Extraction, our team of experienced Oral Surgeon in Mulund will take utmost care in removing your tooth as gently as possible.

  • For very apprehensive/stressed patients or for uncooperative kids tooth extraction or surgery work can be done under sedation or general anesthesia.

  • We totally understand that removing a tooth may be a very scary procedure and that is exactly why we have invested in the latest equipment called Luxators which make tooth extraction a very simple and painless procedure.