Conventional Implants

A conventional dental implant is one of many different types of dental implants. This implant comes in two pieces - component for root and component for teeth. These two components are joined together using a small screw. This implant is an effective permanent solution for missing teeth.

The total time period required for this procedure is about 4-6 months and is divided into 2 trips. The time required for the 1st trip is about 3-4 days. In the second trip to complete the whole treatment, a full week is needed.

The Conventional Implant Procedure:

Step 1: On the first visit after tooth extraction the implant is placed. The test the bone strength, sometimes artificial powdered bone material is placed into the space. This process is called socket grafting or bone grafting. In cases where the bone density is less in upper jaw molar or premolar a sinus lift is performed. Bone material is added externally so the jaw bone is made stronger. Then the sinus membrane is moved upwards. We are able to do all of the above procedures in just one appointment. If a procedure like bone grafting is required then an additional day might be needed before implant placement. The root component is screwed into the jawbone after which gums are sealed to cover the implant. For the implant to osseointegrate with your jaw bone it takes about 4-6 months to be stable. The procedure can only be performed after a prior consultation and diagnosis of the case.

Step 2: After the root compound is fitted and is stable the abutment and crown need to be placed. The abutments are attached to the implants. Later for the purpose of crafting the crown the impression of abutments are taken. This is to make sure the crowns fit properly and align properly with the gum line. A week’s time is needed for completing the whole procedure.

Benefits of Conventional Dental Implants

  • A long term solution for tooth loss.
  • Implant tooth gives a natural look and feel of real teeth.
  • No damage to the neighbouring teeth.
  • Implant made up of titanium which protects the gum tissue from irritation.
  • The bone degeneration is halted.
  • Gives aesthetic results which looks natural.


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