Root Canal Treament

In root canal treatment a nerve called ‘vascular nerve’ is removed as it blocks the interior of the teeth. This treatment is also referred to as ‘paying off the nerve’.

What Is Root Canal ?

Root Canal  is extracting the infected vascular nerve from the root canal of teeth. This can save the teeth from further infection and decay. If not taken care of in the early stage it can lead to tooth loss. Today root canal treatment can be done within 2 days with modern dentistry. The infection is removed after which teeth and gum area are cleaned. A root canal is a simple procedure that can help you get rid of pain and suffering permanently. Most patients report that having root canal treatment today is as unremarkable as getting a filling. The best news is that it can save your tooth and your smile.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment ?

It is one of the most effective ways to treat infection from the root canal. If not treated on time it can spread and damage oral health. The pain worsens with time and also it can lead to serious problems like gum disease or tooth loss. People prefer going for extraction of teeth but it can affect surrounding teeth and result in bone loss. Space left after extraction will require an implant or a bridge, which can be more expensive than root canal treatment. If you have the choice, it's always best to keep your original teeth.

Root Canal Treatment Done by Dr. Rohan Virani :-

Our in-house endodontists in Mumbai are well-trained experts who can save the damaged pulp and reshape the canal. The soft tissue around the tooth contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. You don’t have to go for tooth removal as it can be saved with root canal treatment.

At Trisa Dental Solutions in Mulund (Mumbai) root canal treatment is done in a single sitting of about 45 minutes.

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment at Trisa Dental Solutions :-

  1. A single visit procedure.
  2. It takes only an hour to finish procedure thus saves time.
  3. The patient does not feel discomfort by local anesthesia again and again every visit.
  4. Instant relief from pain.
  5. Imported German Protaper Technology which is more accurate and faster than manual Root Canal.
  6. As single sitting Root Canal is done by Rotary Endodontic Technology from USA and Apex Locator which is the protocol followed in developed Western countries which requires lesser time and gives guaranteed results.

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