Treatment of Oro facial pain including rigeminal neuralgia

In neuropathic pain, topical treatment with capsaicin or topical application of 5 percent lidocaine cream can provide pain relief.

The scientific evidence for treatment with capsaicin or lidocaine in idiopathic facial pain and atypical odontalgia is limited. Side effects are common but mostly local.

Orofacial pains often have a site they refer pain to that are far from the source of the pain. Diagnostic anesthetic injections are an indispensable tool for differentiating the source of pain from the site of pain. Injections of local anesthetic and other medications are often the first line of treatment for these confusing pain conditions. Other neuropathic pains require neurosensory stents and medications to treat.

This course is designed to teach the most common non-TMD pain syndromes; how to diagnose and treat them to speed the recovery of your patients.

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