Sinus Lift

A Sinus Lift treatment is a common type of dental surgery that is used to enhance the height of your maxillary bone to allow the patient to have other treatments such as dental implants.

  •  Your maxillary sinuses are found behind the cheekbone area and run from under your eyes to just above the upper portion of the back teeth. It is extremely common for the roots of your back teeth to extend into these sinus areas. If those teeth need to be removed due to decay or damage, very little supporting bone structure is left in between the mouth and maxillary sinus. Dental implants and gum grafting surgery are the most common reason of needing a higher volume of bone in the posterior maxilla. Historically, Sinus Lift complications due to bone grafting has led companies create new minimal-surgery techniques to drastically reduce additional risks.

Sinus Lift Dental Surgery Overview :-

  •  Sinus Lifting is considered as Autogenous bone surgery usually performed under twilight anesthesia. The treatment starts by exposing the sinus bone. The oral surgeons then begin the Bone Grafting to enhance and strengthen the Sinus flooring by helping to promote natural bone development. When the Sinus flooring structure becomes sturdy the next stage of the dental restoration continues usually with the addition of new oral implants.

What is sinus lift

Sinus Lift Dental Surgery and its Alternatives :-

  •  A Sinus Lift is an older technology to surgically manipulate the maxillary sinuses to allow for implant positioning. Today, there are many other highly effective alternatives to Sinus Lift Surgery such as the new Zygomatic Implants, Basal Implants and Tuberopterygoid Implants that allow our dentists to easily restore the upper jaw with a permanent dental bridge and implants in just a few day dental vacation. Sinus Lift surgery recovery will require about 4-7 nights.

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