Tuberopterygoid Implants

If you have been told that there is less bone in your upper jaw for dental implants, do not worry.

What are Tuberopterygoid Implants?

  •  The terms "Pterygoid Implants" or "Pterygomaxillary Implants" and "Tuberosity Implants" are used for interchangeably. Trisa Dental Solutions offers a unique and simple alternative Tuberopterygoid Implants. Tuberopterygoid Implants are placed in majority of cases using minimally invasive flapless procedure under local anaesthesia through the tuberosity bone into the Ptergygoid plates. Forces of occlusion go to the pterygomaxillary bone which is stable and cortical allowing Immediate loading of implants. Tuberopterygoid Implants shortens the time for a difinitive procedure on implants thus avoiding inconvenience of a post surgical treatment of sinus lift and low success rate of the implants integrated in the sinus lift and sinus augmentation procedure.

Advantages of Pterygoid Implants :-

  •  Pterygoid Implant insertion is an alternative to avoid sinus-lifting and augmentations or other grafting procedures to treat the posterior maxilla.
  •  Pterygoid Implant are especially used in partial edentulism in order to avoid distal cantilevers.
  •  The placement of a pterygoid implant requires surgical experience.
  •  Pterygoid Implants have high success rates, similar bone loss levels to those of conventional implants, minimal complications and a good patient acceptance.
  •  It allows Immediate Loading with Permanent teeth in 3 days.

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