Zygomatic Implants

Trisa Dental Solutions provide Zygomatic Dental Implants for patients with severely resorbed upper jaws.

  •  We would evaluate any individual who has significant amount bone loss and may be a candidate for the zygomaticus implant treatment. Patients with poor existing upper jaw bone to get implants without bone grafting surgery or sinus lift surgery. Zygomatic is much faster than traditional dental implants and is also ideal for those with poor upper jaw bone mass. Before your dental procedure, you will have to undergo light dental exam with photographs, CT scans, x-rays and dental impression to determine your upper jaw structure and the amount of bone available to use.

What are Zygomatic Implants?

  •  Zygomatic implants is a procedure that involves anchoring longer than normal dental implants in the cheek bone. The procedure is slightly less invasive than the traditional sinus lift or bone grafting so therefore the patient experiences less discomfort, the whole procedure can be completed in one day and so far it has an almost 100% success rate. Zygomatic Dental Implants can be complimented with traditional dental implants in the anterior portion of the mouth. It is also possible to exclusively use zygomatic implants to support prosthesis when bone in the upper jaw is totally insufficient.


  •  The procedure to insert Zygomatic Implants is performed under a general anaesthetic and placed by a specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeon. As with the All-on-4 technique, new teeth can be connected to them within three days of the surgery.
  •  ZygomaIn some cases the upper jaw may be very deficient in bone even in the anterior region. For these cases double zygoma implants may be inserted into both sides of the available check bone to support a full upper set of replacement teeth.
  •  As with single zygoma this procedure is performed under general anaesthetic together with a specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeon. A full set of immediate teeth can be connected to the implants after 1-3 days.

Benefits of Zygomatic Dental Implants :-

  •  Zygomatic Implants are placed carefully avoiding the sinuses, also eliminating the need for sinus lifts.
  •  It may be done in severe bone resorption cases.
  •  With Zygomatic implants, you can place a bridge onto the implants straight away; therefore you will walk out of the surgery with a brand new smile.
  •  It presents a graftless solution.
  •  In certain cases we can place longer Zygomatic Implants into the cheekbone, giving better stability and strength to hold a implant retained bridge, and thus sometime negating the need for a bone graft.
  •  Faster healing than bone grafting.

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