Partial and Complete Dentures at Trisa Dental Solutions in Mumbai

If you are missing only a few teeth scattered over either arch (upper or lower teeth), or even if you have a minimum of two teeth on both sides of the arch, then you can most inexpensively replace the missing teeth with a Removable Partial Denture (RPD). There are several types of RPD's.All of them use standard denture teeth as replacements for the missing natural teeth. The differences between them are the materials that are used to support the denture teeth and retain the RPD in the mouth.

What Pediatric Dentists Do?

    Dentures are removable materials used as a replacement for missing teeth. There are primarily two types as follows:

    Complete Dentures- When all or most teeth are missing then these types of dentures are used.

    Partial Dentures- When only a few sections of teeth are missing partial dentures are advised.

    Removable partial dentures or RPD are considered as one of the cost-effective ways to replace missing teeth. In cases like few teeth scattered over the upper or lower arch you can replace the missing teeth with dentures.

The Treatment of RPD

    There are different types of RPD available today and each can be differentiated with the type of material they are made of. Flipper is quite a famous form of RPD used traditionally as it is one of the cheapest alternatives. The base of this denture is made out of pink plastic and is brittle.

    Benefits of Flipper denture are:

  • New tooth or plastic base of denture can be added to the existing denture easily.
  • Sometimes existing teeth can catch periodontal disease and result in extraction. In such a case a new denture with an artificial tooth can be added to the existing denture.
  • They look very natural and are made according to the patient’s preferences. They last for several years as long as they are maintained properly.
  • Give the feel of real teeth as they don’t interrupt regular chewing function.
  • Disadvantages of Flipper Denture are:

  • As the base of this denture is brittle there is a good possibility that they can break. Though you may request customisable dentures where they are made more thick so it does not break easily.
  • RPD are not as stable as tooth born dentures.
  • Retained with wire clasps.
  • Reining can be needed for maintenance as the artificial teeth can sink into the gums.

Cast Metal RPD's

    These are the oldest or rather ancient form of RPD used for teeth replacement. Partial dentures with a cast metal framework have many advantages as they are stable than any other type of dentures.

Benefits of Cast Metal RPD are:

  • As they are directly casted to the teeth they are more stable and retentive. The picture above will show you the visual representation of the RPD metal casted on teeth.
  • These dentures do not come in contact with gums this is why relining is not needed in future.
  • Less likely to break as they are made from strong components.

  • The Flexible Framework RPD's

      With the introduction of new advancements in dentistry more feasible options are available. A nylon like material is added to the base of the denture so it won’t break.

    Benefits of Flexible Framework RPD are:

  • It clasps well with the gums making it more stable.
  • Thin and comfortable which look natural like gums clasped around the teeth.

  • Complete Dentures

    • BPS Dentures made at Trisa Dental Solutions (Bio-functional Prosthetic System)

    What does BPS mean?

    • Biofunctional: Dentures nearly match the natural functions of teeth like chewing and speech.
    • Prosthetic: BPS supports only production of quality dentures. This means certified professionals have the authority to make the dentures.
    • System: After analysing personal data of the patient by expert technicians dentures are fabricated at Trisa Dental Solutions.

    Advantages of BPS Dentures over Conventional Dentures :-

    • These types of dentures promote the natural function of teeth like chewing and speech.
    • The patient will get a well fitting denture as it is installed by continuous injection moulding technique.
    • Hard foods can be consumed easily without any hassles.
    • BPS dentures are fracture resistant and made of 25 years of clinical approved material.

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