Lower Jaw Fixed teeth with implants

The missing teeth of Lower Jaw can be replaced with Ceramic permanent teeth in 3 days with new generation of immediate loadable, single piece implants

    The lower jaw consists of 14 teeth and the whole set of teeth can be replaced within just 3 days. This is done with Ceramic Bridge or Zirconium Bridge with metal fused or metal-free implants. The bone quality is of utmost importance in terms of deciding how many implants can be placed. Normally 6-8 implants are placed if there is a candidate having healthy bone quality. The 2nd molar helps in better chewing functions which are also replaced. With years of clinical experience in implant surgery, no bone augmentation and bone grafting are needed. The use of Swiss technology makes it possible to have immediate loadable implants in just 3 days.

Lower jaw replacement style

Various options for replacement in Lower Jaw :-

  •  Ceramic Bridge
  •  Zirconium Bridge
  •  Prettau Bridge

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